Exciting new projects launching!
Exciting new projects launching!

Take a peek at our upcoming projects. You can keep up with our latest developments in the "News" section of this website:

SlumGods: With executive producers Shekhar Kapur, AR Rahman and Samir Bangar, we are making a feature-length, veriteĢ musical documentary following a young hip-hop crew who’ve developed a highly elaborate and impressive mash up of Indian culture and American hip-hop. They live in one of the biggest and most notorious slums in the world – Dharavi, Mumbai – and we’re giving them the tools needed to make an autobiographical film in order to get a first hand account of how street dance offers them meaning and a chance for them to participate in the wider world.

Status: Shooting begins March 2017. 

Untitled Andrew Carnegie Film: Following on from our documentary Andrew Carnegie: Rags to Riches, Power to Peace, we’re delighted to announce David Nasaw's fascinating 2006 biography of the millionaire philanthropist will form the basis of our upcoming drama. It takes place as the world gears up for its first large-scale war, when the retired industrialist, Andrew Carnegie, comes to believe he is the only man capable of reining in presidents, kings and emperors, and establishing peace between nations. 

Status: In development.