Galeforce Filmes - News Image - Hostile featured on the Picturehouse Blog
Hostile featured on the Picturehouse Blog

"In making Hostile, I want to raise awareness of the issues migrants face in our country, and what it feels like to live under a hostile environment." 

Read more on the Picturehouse Guest Blog about Hostile from the writer-director Sonita Gale hereThe Picturehouse Guest Blog features exclusive film previews and interviews with filmmakers.

Hostile begins a nationwide screening and Q&A tour on 21st Jan starting at Finsbury Park Picturehouse.



Hostile is a feature documentary exposing the ‘hostile environment’ for migrants in the UK. 

View the trailer for Hostile at: bit.ly/hostiledoc-trailer

You can learn more about the film at www.hostiledocumentary.com, via the Twitter/Instagram @hostiledoc