Happy Epidemic

2020, Web Series
Sonita Gale

Jonathan Jude

Happy Epidemic is a comedy web series set against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic.

Each episode – which we hope will provide relief during these strange and difficult times – is written, filmed and edited at home, and with special guest appearances from all over the world.

Following events in real time, we start with a blank page and it takes around 7 days to make it to the screen. It’s all done in self isolation on phones, cameras or whatever is lying around.

We are supporting Age UK, and have created a JustGiving page which you can donate to here.

The film industry is closed until further notice but the world still needs to laugh… Happy Epidemic is here to help.

You can find all the hilarious episodes here: 

You can also stream the full series on IndieFlix, Discover Film, and Youtube.

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**WINNER Best Pilot Series IWFA International World Film Awards 2021**
**Award of Merit- Best Shorts Competition 2021**
**Finalist - Independent Shorts Awards 2021**
**Finalist - Vancouver Independent Film Festival 2021**
**Semi-Finalist - Los Angeles Film Awards 2021**
**Official Selection  - Diversity in Cannes Short Film & Web Series Showcase 2021**
*Official Selection - Rotterdam Independent Film Festival 2021**
**Official Selection - Bilbao Seriesland Webfest 2021**
**Official Selection - California Indies 2021**
**Official Selection - Copenhagen Webfest 2021**
**Official Selection - Lighthouse International Film Festival 2021**
**Official Selection - LA Sun Film Film Fest 2021**
**Official Selection - Sicily Web Fest 2021**
**Official Selection - The Web-Series Filmmaker Showcase 2021**
**Official Selection - Montreal Independent Film Festival 2021**
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International Health Service

2020, short film
Sonita Gale

Ursula Macfarlane

Neil Harvey

Luke Flight

International Health Service is a short film we made with the Emmy and BAFTA-nominated documentary filmmaker Ursula Macfarlane. It is a thank you to the NHS and its migrant workers after this very long and difficult year.

You can view the film here:
In 2020, the NHS truly showed the country how essential they are to the health and well-being of this country. Unfortunately, they are not always valued in a way that reflects this, and given the fact that many of their staff come from outside the UK, their contributions to our country have been further minimised - indeed, this short was filmed during a period when an anti-immigrant narrative continued to grow in the UK.

International Health Service celebrates the international character of the organisation, and is a way for us to express our deep gratitude to the thousands of health care workers who put their lives at risk to help us on a daily basis. Please watch the film and share it on your social media using the hashtag #internationalhealthservicefilm.

**Oniros Film Awards 2021 Grand Jury Award Winner**

You can follow the film on our socials here:

Twitter: @intNHSfilm

Instagram: @internationalhealthservicefilm

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Andrew Carnegie: Rags to Riches; Power to Peace

2015, documentary
Sonita Gale

Vicky Matthews

Brian Cox

Andrew Carnegie: Rags to Riches, Power to Peace charts the story of a poor Scottish immigrant who sailed to America in the 1840s, and by the end of the century would be the richest man in the world.

Criticised for the harsh business practices that allowed him to dominate the iron and steel industries, and praised for quest to give all his money away, Andrew Carnegie is undeniably one of the most fascinating and contradictory figures in modern history. His name is synonymous with the modern philanthropic movement, and the libraries and educational institutions he established thrive almost a century after his death.

From his Scottish highland retreat, Skibo Castle, Carnegie spent his retirement masterminding a plan to use his wealth and influence to get Theodore Roosevelt, Kaiser Wilhelm II and King Edward VII to create a framework for world peace in the run up to the Great War. This documentary reveals the untold story of a man with incredible vision, whose dream of a world without conflict ended in tatters and led him to die a broken man.

Narrated by Brian Cox, this film premiered at the 2015 Edinburgh Film Festival and was broadcast on BBC 2.

Available to stream on Amazon Prime and Kanopy



2015 - Premiered at Edinburgh Film Festival 
2015 - British & Irish Film Season - Screening in Luxembourg
2016 - United International Film Festival - Best Documentary Winner
2016 - Pittsburgh Independent Film Fest - Best Feature Doc Winner
2016 - Available for screening on the Sheffield Doc/Fest Marketplayer
2019 - West Haven Public Library - Free Screening



2015 - BBC Scotland
2015 - BBC iPlayer


DVD available at:

Dunfermline Birthplace Museum 
Carnegie Trust
Carnegie Club Gift Shop


Reviews from viewers:

"An informatively engaging biography of a man with singular vision through a great deal of sheer will and self belief with the ability to see the end goal & mechanisms in which it may be achieved"

"An extraordinary man in every way. If only those of today with self created wealth continue the same vision then there should be hope for mankind"


Galeforce films - Image 1 - Andrew Carnegie: Rags to Riches; Power to Peace

Galeforce films - Image 2 - Andrew Carnegie: Rags to Riches; Power to Peace

Galeforce films - Image 3 - Andrew Carnegie: Rags to Riches; Power to Peace


2012, thriller
Executive Producer
Sonita Gale

Martin Carr

David Kew & Neil Thompson

Paul Abbott & Jimmy Dowdall

A gang member is gunned down outside a London club, a young girl dies in a hit and run, and a teenage boy stands accused of murder.

Determined to clear her younger brother’s name of the killings, Deeva returns to her childhood home to fight for his release and finds herself caught up in an underworld of police corruption, media manipulation and gang violence, where the stakes are ever higher and trust is all too easily misplaced.

Twenty8k uncovers the secret power players of the ruling establishments, from the gangs of gritty East London to the centre of government.

The film had its premiere at the 2012 East London Film Festival.


Galeforce films - Image 1 - Twenty8k

Galeforce films - Image 2 - Twenty8k